Area: Bait & Tackle Shop 2017

Job of the Month - Wall & Floor System -January 2017

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Dishwasher was leaking into downstairs club house from multiple cracks in the floor and wall.

Seamless Surfaces addressed the situation and proposed the owner with a superior 7 ft wall & floor system.  The wall was ripped out and cement board  was installed. The existing quarry tile was prepped, drains treated & transitions feathered to existing quarry tile.

This floor & wall system was finished off with a Urethane top coat with non skid. 

4 Days to install.

Area: Ice Machine 2017

Job of the Month - Wall & Floor System -April 2017

3 Part Broadcast System with High Traffic Top Coat Pool Deck. Each controlled joint was ripped out and recaulked. Waterproof coating was applied with two top coats & slip resistant non skid.

3 days to install.

Job of the Month - Residential Basement

- July 2017

Original idea was to have showroom floor polished concrete. Seamless Surfaces consulted with the front office and walked them through the benefits of metallic coatings. Metallic coatings offer highly visible decorative floor while maintaining a slip resistant surface. 

VCT was removed by Seamless Surfaces & prepped with our EDCO machines. 

Job of the Month - Wall & Floor System -March 2017

Ice area was leaking to floor below. Owner didn't want to be shut down for more then 3 days. Seamless surfaces installed fast cure system, 4 step process in 2 days. Floor was ground and base installed around perimeter with drain patched. Chemical Resistant Tile Red Top Coat was applied with a heavy nonskid due to always being under water. 

2 Days to install.

Seamless Surfaces was called in to complete remaining phases of Vet hospital due to a prior epoxy company failed installation. EZ Cove base & top coat was failing due to holding to much dirt & Pre Cast base was coming off the wall.

                  * Pre cast cove base is vinyl cove that needs to be glued to wall and comes in 4 foot sections, if not glued properly or wall is not straight. Pre                         cast cove will crack/pop of the wall (seen below)

All Seamless Surfaces installed base is used with 100% solid epoxy and special blend sand giving you a seamless wall to floor system. 

Job of the Month - Veterinary Hospital

- June 2017

Residential Basement waterproofing epoxy system. Seamless Surfaces installed  a moisture vapor primer to hold up to 20lbs /1000 sq feet.

Decorative Metallic Granite Flake was broadcasted with 2 clear epoxy grout coats and high performance top coat.

Job of the Month - Commercial Show Room

- September 2017

Owner had a water problem coming from entryways & refrigeration machines were sweating from the heat in the summer making the plywood rot. Elastic membrane was applied & joints patched. Seamless surfaces installed a decorative flake system with a urethane top coat,

4 Days to install.

Area: Commercial Kitchen Dishwasher 2017

Before & After Vet Hospital with epoxy mortar 4 inch base & urethane top coat

Job of the Month - Pool Deck System

- May 2017

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