3 Part Broadcast System with High Traffic Top Coat Pool Deck. Each controlled joint was ripped out and recaulked. Waterproof coating was applied with two top coats & slip resistant non skid.

3 days to install.

Job of the Month - Residential Basement

- July 2017

Job of the Month - Wall & Floor System -March 2017

Specializing in Seamless Decorative Epoxy & Coating Systems

"Controlling liquids one floor at a time"

Ice area was leaking to floor below. Owner didn't want to be shut down for more then 3 days. Seamless surfaces installed fast cure system, 4 step process in 2 days. Floor was ground and base installed around perimeter with drain patched. Chemical Resistant Tile Red Top Coat was applied with a heavy nonskid due to always being under water. 

2 Days to install.

Area: Bait & Tackle Shop 2017

Job of the Month - Wall & Floor System -January 2017

Job of the Month - Pool Deck System

- May 2017

Owner had a water problem coming from entryways & refrigeration machines were sweating from the heat in the summer making the plywood rot. Elastic membrane was applied & joints patched. Seamless surfaces installed a decorative flake system with a urethane top coat,

4 Days to install.

Area: Commercial Kitchen Dishwasher 2017

Dishwasher was leaking into downstairs club house from multiple cracks in the floor and wall.

Seamless Surfaces addressed the situation and proposed the owner with a superior 7 ft wall & floor system.  The wall was ripped out and cement board  was installed. The existing quarry tile was prepped, drains treated & transitions feathered to existing quarry tile.

This floor & wall system was finished off with a Urethane top coat with non skid. 

4 Days to install.

Area: Ice Machine 2017

Job of the Month - Wall & Floor System -April 2017

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Residential Basement waterproofing epoxy system. Seamless Surfaces installed  a moisture vapor primer to hold up to 20lbs /1000 sq feet.

Decorative Metallic Granite Flake was broadcasted with 2 clear epoxy grout coats and high performance top coat.

Before & After Vet Hospital with epoxy mortar 4 inch base & urethane top coat

Seamless Surfaces was called in to complete remaining phases of Vet hospital due to a prior epoxy company failed installation. EZ Cove base & top coat was failing due to holding to much dirt & Pre Cast base was coming off the wall.

                  * Pre cast cove base is vinyl cove that needs to be glued to wall and comes in 4 foot sections, if not glued properly or wall is not straight. Pre                         cast cove will crack/pop of the wall (seen below)

All Seamless Surfaces installed base is used with 100% solid epoxy and special blend sand giving you a seamless wall to floor system. 

Job of the Month - Veterinary Hospital

- June 2017